Is it 'Magic'...really?

Here are a few Inoblita Incidentium (words of observation) from my clients:

Just wanted to tell you again what a pleasure it was to meet and connect with you. The words and energy of healing that you so wonderfully shared with me continues to be present in my daily life. In particular the words "realm" and "love" continue to appear. I am beginning to feel my spirit lighten. I truly appreciate it.
Char from CA, after one session


Howzit Susan. Sorry getting back to you so late. I'm feeling great! A lot of positive things hav been happening to me. I also used what you taught me on some of my patients at hospice and private clients. Especially the golden ball! Thank you with all my heart for you generosity in helping me overcome my fears. I really do feel fearless! More positive in my life.
All of a sudden I'm very busy. I'll talk to you soon.
Love you my dear friend and sending good thoughts to you!
Aloha, mike from Waipahu, Oahu, after one remote session


Susan we just want to say THANK YOU sooooooo much for all you do and the kids had an awesome session with you. You really helped them just as you always do for us with your special healing hands
Mahalo love Terri & Juli from Ewa, Oahu


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