Sessions with Susan

I'm an 'Aiea girl!

My office is in 'Aiea, which is the same zipcode as Pearlridge Mall, and is a couple of blocks Ewa of Anna Miller's fresh strawberry pies and Bravo's irresistible garlic rolls. The Healing Arts Center is a beautiful setting offering serene views of Pearl Harbor and rainbows in the valley mist.  When you visit there, you might be lucky enough to meet some of the other expert therapists.  We've been drawn together to be a light of wellness for the community, and I must say, we are all the very best at what we have to offer!  Meet them here.

Magicam Mysticum Mentio!...what!?

A one-hour Healing Session with Susan is complete and comprehensive in ahcieving your desire to feel happy, whole and energetic. 

An investment of $150 in yourself includes Energetic Balancing, Conversational Mentoring, Impeccable Touch techniques and Energetic Clearing on the Soul Level.  The first session we have together will be in  my 'Aiea office, The Healing Arts Center.  Subsequent sessions can be given via phone or Skype.  If hands-on work is indicated, we'll schedule time at the Healing Arts Center.   

More details, please...!

Curious?  Need more information?  Every session I give includes the following techniques and modalities I have learned in 19 years of hands-on massage, energy and mentoring work.  Please contact me for more information on how

  • Healing Touch
  • Integrative Quantum Medicine
  • Theta Healing
  • Trigger Point Therapy and Connective Tissue work
  • Conversational Mentoring and
  • Cell and Organ Regeneration through Consciousness can clear your way to health, happiness and a better life!



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